Englisch - Einstufungstest


Mit  Hilfe dieses Tests sollen Sie in einen Englischkurs eingestuft werden,  der genau Ihrem Kenntnisstand entspricht.

Für  jede Aufgabe gibt es nur eine richtige Lösung!

Raten  Sie nicht! Wenn Sie nicht sicher sind, lassen Sie die betreffende Aufgabe bitte ungelöst. Sie werden feststellen, dass die Testaufgaben fortlaufend schwieriger werden. Sollten Sie einen Punkt erreichen, an dem die Aufgaben so schwierig geworden sind, dass Sie sie nicht mehr lösen können,  so hören Sie bitte auf.

Teil 1 A

1  Have you got a book.....?
a) for I
b) for me
c) for my
d) my

2 .....a lot of people at the seaside in summer.
a) It is
b) It gives
c) There are
d) There is

 3 …. will Mary go? To London?
a) What
b) When
c) Where
d) Who

4 John.....breakfast at the moment.
a) has
b) have
c) is having
d) will have

5 He.....the Radio Times every week.
a) is reading
b) read
c) reading
d) reads

6 The  school is in Oxford Street. ......8 classrooms.
a) It has
b) It is having
c) She has
d) She is having

7 What.....here  now? Oh, I see, you don't want to tell me.
a) are you doing
b) does you do
c) do you
d) do you do

8 We've got..... .
a) all day here sunshine
b) all day sunshine here
c) here sunshine all day
d) sunshine here all day

9 I am giving Mary this book about London. It's.....birthday today.
a) her
b) here
c) his
d) she's

10 What.....in the evening? Watch TV?
a) does Paul do
b) does Paul
c) do Paul do
d) do Paul does

Teil 1 B

Lesen  Sie den folgenden Text.

.  . . We often go to the Mandeville Restaurant when we eat out. You can have all kinds of dishes there and they serve not just one, but four sorts of beer. I think John will be interested in that!
Lots of people like to have a meal there. The food is good, the drinks are good, the waiters and waitresses are pleasant and the rooms, too.  It's nice to sit in them; you really can relax there.
They serve lunch from twelve to half past two and dinner from six to nine in the evening, and what's more important, meals are cheap, there,  drinks, too. . . .

Welche Aussage stimmt mit dem Text überein?

a) John can have all kinds of menus at this restaurant.
b) John can drink four kinds of beer at this restaurant.
c) John often eats out at the restaurant.
d) John will be interested in one of the sorts of beer.

a) Lots of people are on holiday at the Mandeville Restaurant.
b) The rooms at the Mandeville Restaurant are always nice and quiet.
c) You can have a good time at the Mandeville Restaurant.
d) You can reserve a room at the Mandeville Restaurant.

a) Drinks are included in the price.
b) Important meals and drinks are cheap there.
c) Meals and drinks are not expensive there.
d) They first serve dinner and then lunch.

Teil 2 A

14 If you  ring the station now they.....you when our train leaves.
a) are telling
b) tell
c) tells
d) will tell

15 Peter wakes me up early enough, …. I get to work on time.
a) because
b) if
c) so
d) until

16 -.....in England two days ago? - I don't know.
a) Are Tom and Paul
b) Did Tom and Paul be
c) Was Tom and Paul
d) Were Tom and Paul

17 Oh, look. Janet…..at last; there's her baggage by the door.
a) arrived
b) arrives
c) has arrived
d) is arrived

18 - What is Frank's job? - Oh, he is..... .
a) a taxi-driver
b) an taxi-driver
c) one taxi-driver
d) taxi-driver

19 When.....all that money? Before they came here?
a) did the Clarks save
b) do the Clarks save
c) saved the Clarks
d) will the Clarks save

20 .....of the two companies do you want to fly? British Airways or  Lufthansa?
a) What
b) Where
c) Which
d) Who

21 John doesn't.....to do it. It is not his job!
a) can
b) have
c) may
d) would

22 - Were you here when I came back? - No, I..... .
a) don't
b) didn't
c) wasn't
d) weren't

23 -.....didn't you come? - Because I had no time.
a) What
b) When
c) Who
d) Why

Teil 2 B

Lesen Sie  den folgenden Text.

2  May 19..

Dear Paul,
I am writing to you to thank you again for the help you gave me when I felt so lonely and miserable at that school.
I think only few people know what it means to have somebody who is always  available and listens to your personal problems. Again many, many thanks. I am quite happy again now in my new job at the airport. I have made friends there, so I think I'll try and keep it. By the way, if you want  to visit us, there are special excursion rates, but please let me know  early enough, about a week before. More next time.

With best wishes,

Welche Aussage stimmt mit dem Text überein?

a) Helga says why she felt so lonely and miserable.
b) Helga says why she is thanking Paul.
c) Helga says why she still needs some more help.
d) Helga says why Paul helped her when she felt lonely and miserable.

a) Helga thinks only few people know what personal problems mean.
b) Helga thinks only few people are there to listen to Paul's problems.
c) Helga thinks only few people understand what personal help can mean  to somebody in need.
d) Helga thinks there will always be somebody available to listen to personal problems.

a) Helga says if Paul wanted to come he could travel cheaply.
b) Helga says she can get Paul special excursion rates.
c) Helga says she will tell Paul early enough when he can come.
d) Helga says she wants to change her present job if she can.

Teil 3 A

27 - Have  you phoned Bill and Mary? - Yes, I.....them yesterday evening.
a) have phoned
b) phone
c) phoned
d) phones

28 - How long.....in your present home? - Since 1976.
a) are you living
b) do you live
c) have you lived
d) live you

29 - I'm not going to help the boys with this problem. - I agree.
The boys must try to help..... .
a) theirs
b) them
c) themselves
d) they

30 In my opinion Mary is.....her brother.
a) as careful than
b) less careful as
c) less careful than
d) more careful as

31 .....the British Museum when you were in London?
a) Did you visit
b) Has you visited
c) Have you visited
d) Visited you

32 Do you know the people.....have just moved in?
a) what
b) where
c) which
d) who

33 I think Peter calls that man Jerry,.....?
a) can't he
b) does he
c) doesn't he
d) has he

34 We have got a.....now.
a) flat of three-room
b) flat of three rooms
c) three-room flat
d) three-rooms flat

35 Of course, my car isn't.....yours.
a) as fast as
b) as fast than
c) less fast as
d) more fast than

36 The Burtons.....into their new house, but I think they will soon.
a) aren't yet move
b) aren't yet moved
c) didn't yet move
d) haven't yet moved

Teil 3 B

Lesen Sie den folgenden Text.

Who is interested in a profitable part-time job, 6 to 9 p.m., from Fridays to Sundays?
We are looking for someone who is willing to help us out at one of our kiosks during the summer months selling newspapers and books. He or  she should be friendly, reliable and have at least some experience in selling.
Apart from the regular pay there is the possibility of some extra money  if the turnover is above average. Anyone interested should ask here during the lunch hour from 1 to 2 p.m. to discuss the necessary details.

Welche Aussage passt zu dem Text?

The people who wrote the notice say that . . .
a) the kiosks are only open from Fridays to Sundays.
b) they are looking for people to help them in their kiosks.
c) they have some extra work to offer.
d) they want to open another kiosk in summer.

a) they want a person who is above average.
b) they want a person who is an expert in selling.
c) they want a person who has some knowledge of selling things.
d) they want a person who relies on his experience.

a) it is possible to earn more than the basic pay.
b) the turnover always has to be above average.
c) they already have a turnover above average.
d) they will only pay average pay.

Teil 4 A

40 There aren't…..frings benefits in this job.
a) any
b) much
c) no
d) some

41 We often do exercises…..on an article in a newspaper.
a) based
b) basing
c) that base
d) which base

42 Tom.....a TV fan for years now. He watches every
evening and it all started when he bought a new colour TV.
a) has been
b) is
c) is being
d) was

43 People become ill from too much noise,.....?
a) don't they
b) do they
c) will they
d) won't they

44 This is.....building in the world.
a) the largest
b) the most large
c) the most larger
d) the most largest

45 My grandfather.....to hospital yesterday.
a) became taken
b) has taken
c) is taken
d) was taken

46 I gave my daughter everything.....money can buy.
a) who
b) what
c) that
d) whose

47 Peter.....English since he started school.
a) has been learning
b) is learning
c) learned
d) learns

48 By 1977 the number of unemployed people…..a lot.
a) are rising
b) had risen
c) has been rising
d) have risen

49 The election results should…..as early as possible.
a) be published
b) publish
c) published
d) to be published

Teil 4 B

Lesen Sie den folgenden Text.

16 April 19..

Dear Dr Phillips,
In reply to your letter, I would first like to point out that I have been to Bournemouth for you several times and have also sacrificed some  of my weekends to find out whether the place is promising enough to open a hotel there.
In my opinion, it is, because there really is a need for more tourist  accommodation of the kind that you are considering; although the place  doesn't appeal to me personally. It's not quite what I expected.
I think you will have to decide soon if you want to buy that piece of  land advertised in the local news¬paper. Please let me know when  you are coming so that I can pick you up at the station.

Yours  sincerely,
Tom Fielding

Welche Aussage passt zu dem Text?

In his letter, Tom Fielding says. . .
a) how the place could be prepared for building hotels.
b) what the purpose of his trips to Bournemouth was.
c) what time a hotel should be opened.
d) why he is promising to open a hotel in Bournemouth.

a) in which way the place appeals to him personally.
b) that there isn't any accommodation of Dr Phillips'type.
c) what he thinks the prospects are like for a new hotel in Bournemouth.
d) why there is not enough tourist accommodation in Bournemouth.

In his letter, Tom Fielding asks Dr Phillips. . .
a) to advertise the selling of land in the local newspaper.
b) to buy the piece of land as soon as possible.
c) to inform him about the time of his arrival.
d) to pick him up when he comes.

Teil 5 A

53 Bob is busy.....postcards at the moment.
a) for writing
b) in writing
c) to write
d) writing

54 - Philip Jones is ill. - Still? Somebody told me last week that he  ..... ill.
a) has been
b) is
c) was
d) will be

55 - What  would you do if you.....his money? - I can't say.
a) had
b) have
c) will have
d) would have

56 The building you can see over there was planned.....a very famous architect.
a) by
b) from
c) through
d) throughout

57 I.....visiting  London soon.
a) shall
b) shall be
c) want
d) will

58 By then the plans.....five times but were still not complete.
a) had become changed
b) had been changed
c) had been changing
d) were changed

59 - Did the two boys tell.....their test results? - I don't think so.
a) all other
b) each other
c) every other
d) other

60 My parents  thought Janet.....independent all those years.
a) had been
b) has been
c) will have been
d) would have been

61 Paul.....lose all his money if he went on gambling.
a) may
b) might
c) shall
d) will

62 We are  looking forward.....Mr Stewart on Monday.
a) see
b) seeing
c) to see
d) to seeing

Teil 5 B

Lesen Sie den folgenden Text.

Get  it Together
Fly-Drive with Frontier and Ramada
$17.50 per person per day room and car price only air fare additional

Ramada Inns and Frontier Airlines have gotten to¬gether to make  your traveling a little easier when staying at Ramada Inns. With one  phone call you can reserve a room, a car and your flight... all at special  travel package rates.
When you arrive at your destination, Ramada will pick you up at the  airport. They'll have a room and all the convenience of a full service  hotel ready for you and a Ford Pinto (larger cars available) reserved to complete your travel needs.
Your Professional Travel Agent will make all reservations, give you  complete package details and show you how to take advantage of fly-drive  package fares. The low room and car rate is available at any of these cities:

*  Phoenix/Scottsdale

*  Omaha

*  Tucson

*  St. Louis

*  Albuquerque

*  Denver

*  Las Vegas

*  Salt Lake City

*  Dallas/Fort Worth

You  haven't reserved flight, car and room in advance? The low Ramada Room and Car rates also available for last minute arrangements. At the above  cities, now. Call your local Ramada Inn on arrival. In Las Vegas call 736-8185.

Welche Aussage passt zu dem Text?

The advertisement  says . . .
a) that Ramada Inns and Frontier Airlines have combined experience in the travel business.
b) that Ramada Inns and Frontier Airlines have now for¬med one single company.
c) that Ramada Inns and Frontier Airlines have special package travel rates that must be paid in advance.
d) that Ramada Inns and Frontier Airlines offer a combi¬ned reservation service.

a) what facilities customers can expectattheirdestination.
b) what kind of details customers will be given about each airline's package  by their travel agent.
c) what kind of facilities each airline offers.
d) what kind of facilities the Ford car company offers.

a) how many cities have applied for membership in this particular service.
b) in which places you can take advantage of the special offer.
c) that last minute arrangements can only be made if you ring Las Vegas.
d) that reservations can only be made if you want to drive a Ford.

Teil 6 A

66 I believe that Peter is a friend of..... .
a) their
b) theirs
c) them
d) they

67 The old man was.....ill.
a) obvious considerable
b) obvious considerably
c) obviously considerable
d) obviously considerably

68 That  was a good thing
a) do
b) doing
c) for doing
d) to do

69 Will  the fine have…..within three weeks?
a) paid
b) paying
c) to be paid
d) to pay

70 Some  parents don't like the books.....in their children`s schools.
a) being used
b) be used
c) that are using
d) using

71 Would you mind.....the window, please?
a) opened
b) opening
c) to have opened
d) to open

72 This  course has been.....so far.
a) a good
b) a good one
c) a one good
d) the good

73 I'll  give.....next week.
a) the money to yours
b) the money you
c) to you the money
d) you the money

74 Tom's book turned out.....a great success.
a) being
b) for being
c) to be
d) will be

75 I saw the accident after.....the house.
a) have left
b) leave
c) leaving
d) left

Teil 6 B

Lesen Sie den folgenden Text.

1  June 19..

Note for Mr. Miller
Just to inform you in a few words about the interview I had with Mr  Tops on 31.5.93. I think he is an excellent man, who will, in my opinion, be able to meet maximum requirements once he has become used to our  line of business. I regard him as just the person we have been looking  for.

He has, all in all, a good personal background, has studied business management and has been holding his present position for a number of years now. He wants to resign from his post because he thinks that he  is still young enough to get into a more interesting, or, as he puts  it, more exciting job. He was quite open about wanting to take advantage  of any promotion which may come his way.
He has one personal problem due to the fact that he has to look after  his parents, who are dependent on him. For the next two years he won't  be able to leave home for too lang; after that his sister and her family  come back from Australia and can take over caring for the two old people.
More when we meet on Saturday.


Welche Aussage passt zu dem Text?

The note says . . .
a) what Mr Miller thought about promoting the two men.
b) who prevented the interview between the two men.
c) when things were discussed between the two men.
d) who arranged the interview between the two men.

a) that according to Mr Jones the right man has been found.
b) that Mr Jones regards himself to be an excellent man.
c) that Mr Tops has tried to keep his post.
d) that Mr Tops wants to become more independent in his work.

a) that Mr Tops has always been dependent on his parents.
b) that Mr Tops' personal problem will be solved in two years' time.
c) that Mr Tops' sister will start a new career in two years' time.
d) where Mr Tops' sister will be employed in two years' time.

Teil 7 A

79 Paul.....when Susan arrived.
a) already left
b) had already left
c) has already left
d) was already left

80 If the  Wilsons.....enough money last year they would have bought that house.
a) had
b) had had
c) would have
d) would have had

81 Can you solve this problem? I can't..... .
a) it work out
b) out it work
c) work it out
d) work out it

82 - Is  that your car there that.....away? - No, it's my boss's.
a) has towed
b) is being towed
c) is towed
d) was towing

83 Many  Americans would like.....young and good-looking.
a) that their politicians are
b) that their politicians be
c) their politicians be
d) their politicians to be

84 I wish  I.....help you now.
a) can
b) could
c) have to be able to
d) will be able to

85 Yesterday Frank.....by the police to make a statement.
a) asked
b) has been asked
c) was asked
d) would be asked

86 I wrote to the firm to ask them ..... me a catalogue.
a) for sending
b) send
c) sending
d) to send

87 Paul.....in bed at 11 yesterday morning if his mother hadn't woken him up in time.
a) had still been
b) was still
c) would have still been
d) would still be

88 I want  Tom….. here when I come.
a) be
b) being
c) is
d) to be

Teil 7 B

Lesen Sie den folgenden Text.

The  problem lies deeper
Interpreting the unemployment figures in the European Economic Community is easy; finding out about the reasons for unemployment is rather more difficult and requires a bit of knowledge regarding the economic and the working world. Solving the problem, however, seems impossible.
Let's face the facts. Being on the "dole" today doesn't mean hunger, the end of all hope and happiness and the beginning of misery  and despair. It only means, at least in one respect, although still bad enough, collecting unemployment benefits, and not being dependent  on other people, who give and expect gratitude in return.
The main problem today, however, lies somewhere else. It is the feeling  of being useless, which causes frustration.
This is quite natural because the society in which we live often judges  people according to what they earn and to their status in life, and not according to their inner qualities.

Welche Aussage passt zu dem Text?

The article  says . . .
a) how difficult it is for everybody to interpret the unemployment figures.
b) how it is possible to solve the problems of the working world.
c) that a little experience is necessary to find out the causes of unemployment.
d) what measures should be taken to reduce the number of umemployed.

a) that being on the "dole" doesn't mean financial help from  the government.
b) that being on the "dole" doesn't mean giving up odd jobs.
c) that being on the "dole" doesn't mean less work for anybody.
d) that being on the "dole" doesn't mean the beginning of severe  poverty.

a) how people could be made to take a different attitude.
b) in what circumstances inner qualities are as important as others.
c) that people are often judged by what the writer thinks are wrong criteria.
d) what status the unemployed should have in life.


Bitte füllen Sie noch die folgenden Felder aus, damit wir Sie in einen Englischkurs einstufen können, der Ihrem Kenntnisstand entspricht.